Mission Statement

Mia Moo Fund

The mission of Mia Moo is to inform, inspire, and improve the quality of life for children born with cleft lip/palate.

You can help us accomplish our goals today and become a force for good by simply donating  – each and every person helps us as we strive to spread awareness and support. Our team is both dedicated and readily available to help anyone in need.

Join us to show your support and love for children and families throughout the US. Many of these individuals are unsure of where to turn to, and now is the opportunity to assure they are directed to the right place.

Here at the Mia Moo Fund, our desire is to make sure that each and every child born with a cleft lip or palate receives the best possible medical care, regardless of his or her financial situation. Ultimately, we desire to bring children throughout the country endless support and dedicated love through your donations, and more.

We won’t rest until we know that each child, parent, sibling and friend is comforted and informed about the causes and treatments of cleft lip/cleft palate. This information can help those affected to prepare themselves and others throughout each step of the cleft management process.

Our purpose is to help each child know and understand that he or she has a divine and worthwhile purpose in this life, and we fully believe that our resources can help bring these purposes to light.