Application For Assistance

We are here to help children born with cleft lip and palate find a place, seek treatment, gain support and love, and aspire to become who they want to be. The Mia Moo Fund receives hundreds of applicants, and we are motivated, dedicated and obligated to assuring that each applicant receives a response and are equal with-in the consideration process of delegation of funds.

To apply for help from the Mia Moo Fund, we require that you verify some simple information so that we can better understand your needs and offer help accordingly. Begin by filling in the information below. Please understand that as soon as your application is processed, we will notify you and contact you as soon as possible. This may take several business days due to the amount of applications we receive.

Due to both legal reasons and the amount of applications we receive, we require that the child being applied for is a direct family member and has given consent to the application. Applications may not be processed for a child unless you are the legal guardian of said child. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.