What we do


Positive outcomes for Kids with Cleft Lip / Palate

Weā€™re here to assure that each and every child has a warm and bright smile, because we know that is what they deserve. Even more importantly, weā€™re dedicated to assure that parents can choose theĀ bestĀ medicalĀ specialists to assist theĀ greatest possible outcome regarding their child's quality of life in terms of speaking, breathing and eating.


Provide emotional support and encouragement to families effected by cleft lip/palate.

The Mia Moo Fund hosts a "MIA MOO FUNDay" once a year. Every family who has received financial support from the Mia Moo Fund are all invited. The kids get to play and there are plenty of activities that even parents can enjoy. There is even a time where just the parents/guardians get together and justĀ talk. We know that having a child with cleft lip/palate is not easy! All the parents get to share and they all have something in common.Ā 


Share the stories of families that Mia Moo Fund has helped.

The Mia Moo Fund is proudly raising funds that will go toward those effected by cleft lip and palate throughout the US. All donations to the Mia Moo Fund are used solely to provide financial support to those who have cleft lip / palate. We are grateful for any and all donations, which can be made here on the Mia Moo Site.

Meet Elijah, A 2022 Mia Moo Fund Recipient!


The Mia Moo foundation is such a God send to our little ones and our families. Thank you so much for all you have done for my daughter Kolbi. Also thank you to all who donate to this wonderful organization.

John Carmack

Mia Moo has taken great care of our son who was born with soft cleft palate. They have always made sure that weā€™re well taken care of and have no worries when it comes to the financial stresses of surgery and therapy. We will always be so appreciative!

Whitney Dedmon

Thank you to the Mia Moo organization for helping our family, we are so blessed!

Jessica Bourdeau

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**Mia Moo Fund is a dedicated fund of the Worldwide Foundation which is a 501 ( c ) (3) tax exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. The Worldwide Identification Number (EIN) is 72-6027631