What We Do

  • Positive outcomes for Kids with Cleft Lip / Palate

    We’re here to assure that each and every child has a warm and bright smile, because we know that is what they deserve. Even more importantly, we’re dedicated to assure that children with cleft lip, along with their families, can find happiness and joy through motivation from others, support and research towards the causes and treatments of cleft lip / palate.

  • Encourage and support research into causes and treatment of cleft lip / palate

    The Mia Moo Fund is making it possible to support further research for cleft lip and palate treatments, causes, and more. This research will make it possible to learn more about this birth defect and how it can be treated correctly in order to bring a bright and charming smile to every child.

  • Raise funds in the community for equipment, literature and services

    The Mia Moo Fund is proudly raising funds that will go towards literature, services and equipment that will ultimately help the community and those affected by cleft lip and palate throughout the US. All donations to the Mia Moo Fund are used solely to provide support, encouragement and help to those who have cleft lip / palate. We are grateful for any and all donations, which can be made here on the Mia Moo Site.


What is Cleft Lip/Palate?

Cleft lip, commonly associated with cleft palate, is an oral malformation that occurs in the early stages of pregnancy due to abnormal facial development. Cleft lip creates a physical separation of the upper lip, potentially resulting in ear infections, problems with the teeth, trouble speaking, and the loss of hearing.

How is it treated?

Thankfully, cleft lip can be successfully treated with surgery. Normally, a few surgeries are required in order to repair a cleft lip. Doctors recommend the first surgery to take place when the child is between 6 weeks and 9 months old. Additional surgeries may be necessary later in life if the cleft lip has any further effects. 

What causes Cleft Lip/Palate?

Very little is known about the causes of cleft lip. It is known, however, that is occurs in the gestation stage of pregnancy due to abnormal facial development. Cleft lip affects nearly 1 in 700 babies annually, and has become the fourth most common birth defect in the United States. Some doctors believe that it is caused due to a combination of both genetic and environmental factors.

Do you know someone with Cleft Lip/Palate?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" (Margaret Mead, 1984). Join the Mia Moo Fund today to learn how you can help support and lift those in your community!

Where do the donations go?

By donating to the Mia Moo fund, you can make a difference in a child's life. This money is dedicated solely to helping and supporting those diagnosed with cleft lip and cleft palate throughout the world. Become an essential part of this incredible movement today!