Where are they now?

Khloe Xia was adopted from Zhengzhou, Henan, China on May 11, 2015 when she was 23 months old.  Being shy at first, she soon blossomed into the funny, full of life girl that she still is today! She loves telling jokes and her laugh is infectious.  Being an artist is what she is most proud of, and she sure is talented.  One of her favorite things to do is to go to church and Awana’s.  She is definitely the bravest 10 year old out there.  Going to doctors appointments and the numerous surgeries she has had with strength and confidence.  She has dealt with hearing loss due to numerous ear infections prior to being adopted and wears hearing aids.  But none of that gets her down.  Khloe truly is the light of our lives. Finding the Mia Moo Fund has been so fun for us to see other kids just like Khloe and read their stories.  Knowing that we have their support and encouragement brings us joy.  Thank you Mia Moo Fund for all you do!  We are thankful for this community!  ~ Khloe's Mom