Our Abby is turning 10 in a few short weeks! It is so crazy how time has flown by since we have been blessed by the Mia Moo fund when she was just 5 months old! She was the very first child to receive assistance from the Mia Moo Fund. Although her fierce and feisty attitude tests me some days, Abby is a well mannered and well rounded kid. She tries anything and everything and doesn’t give up till she has it down! She is an all A student with strengths in reading books and creative writing. She won first place in UIL creative writing last year! She plays many sports and loves to game in her free time when she isn’t reading, drawing, writing or playing with her sisters! She has the best personality, the biggest help around the house and her strength is admirable for all she’s gone through. We are looking at finding out about her bone graft surgery and next steps going forward in this Cleft journey in May!   Rebecca ~ Abby's mom