Jacob was born in 2011 with Van der Woude syndrome causing a unilateral cleft lip and palate. That has not stopped him from loving and living life to the fullest. He is in 5th grade and his favorite subjects are science and history. He loves researching facts about history and sharing them with his friends and family. His current hobbies are basketball, fishing and neighborhood nerf wars. Jacob just found out that his first bone graft surgery did not take, and he will have to repeat the procedure at the end of the 2023 summer. Even with this setback he has had nothing but a positive attitude.

The Mia Moo Fund is so much more than just financial help. Yes, they have blessed so many families including our own with financial help with cleft related treatment expenses, but they have also created a community of love and support for all cleft families. We will be forever grateful for the Mia Moo fund and community. ~ Jacob's Mom