Allie turned 11 in December and will be finishing up 5th grade next month. Last Spring she started her first set of braces with the help of the Mia Moo Fund. Since she was born, she has had lip repair surgery, palate repair, palate reconstruction, bone graft, plus multiple sets of tubes for ear infections. 
Allie loves school! She enjoys reading, playing basketball, arts and crafts, spending time with friends, and helping lead Glow Kids worship at church. She has such a big heart and is always looking for ways to help others. As a parent, when she was little, I worried about how having a cleft lip would affect her as she got older. I know we have not made it to the teen years yet, but so far she has not let it hold her back. Not to say it never crosses her mind, but she is an outgoing, Jesus-loving, little girl with big dreams. 
"We are so very thankful God led us to the Mia Moo family. When starting out on this journey, it can be easy to feel alone. Not only did they help us financially, but they have made us feel so welcomed and like we are family. They truly care about our kids." ~ Allie's mom