In just three short months Brody will be graduating junior high. I can’t believe he will be a freshman in high school soon. The years have really flown by. He has had nine surgeries in the 13 years of his life with six of them being in his first 2 years. He proves over and over how strong and resilient he is. His last surgery was the bone graft surgery for his palate repair and he is currently in the orthodontia phase of treatments.

Brody loves all things farming and outdoors. We are fortunate enough to have friends who let him participate during harvest season since we are not a farming family. One day he wants to own a farm of his own or be somehow involved in the agriculture industry. He loves hunting, playing video games, and hanging out with friends at church. 

“Mia Moo is such a wonderful organization. There is so much more to it than just providing financial support. While that is a huge burden lifted for so many families, the connections made and the emotional support given between families have been life giving. Mia Moo provides a space for children and families to connect, share, and lean on one another for support and understanding.” ~Eric and Mary Anne