Rowan is getting ready to celebrate her 11th birthday. It’s so hard to imagine that 11 years ago we were in the hospital finding out that “just a cleft” was so much more. It’s been 11 years of specialists and therapies, surgeries and tests, enzyme injections and regular x-rays. Through it all she continues to be this amazingly strong little girl. She has shown us that no matter the circumstances, we will get through it together. She continues to defy odds and enjoys life to the fullest. She loves to play with her siblings and read the biggest books she can find. On nice days she is often outside playing with one of the many animals on our farm. Lately though, her favorites are the ducks she got for an early birthday present; Lola and Ruby, named after some of her favorite book characters. Rowan is at the orthodontic stage of her cleft and is in the process of getting a palate expander and a mask to pull her jaw forward. She has blessed us beyond measure and we are so proud of the young lady she is becoming. (Rowan's parents)

"Mia Moo has made a great impact on our family. It’s more than financial help, it is community and relationships. We know the people behind Mia Moo truly care and are passionate about what they do." ~ Josh & Kristina