Welcome To The Mia Moo Fund

As of today, the Mia Moo Fund has been officially created, determined and devoted to bring a smile to each and every child. Inspired by the support and love given to Mia as she went into surgery just a few weeks ago, the Mia Moo Fund hopes to channel this energy and provide children worldwide with the support required to find treatment for his or her cleft lip/palate.

For those of you who don’t know, cleft lip is the fourth most common birth defect in the United States alone, affecting hundreds of individuals every single day. These challenges can be difficult and hard to understand, especially for a young and innocent child. Our goal is to provide these children, along with their families, support and love to help them cope and understand their situations more fully.

We will be accepting donations to help further research towards the causes of cleft lip, as well as more affordable treatments that can be more readily available to children throughout the world. You can be an effective and vital part of this movement by donating and becoming a member.

As a donator, every dollar counts! These funds will be used specifically for the research and treatments of children throughout the world born with cleft lip/palate. We promise to never use these funds for any other reason. You can rest assured that this money will be used to help better the lives of children throughout the world.

As a member, you can give a child in need your full support and love. As a member of the Mia Moo Fund, you don’t need to give endless hours – rather, we want you to be a friend. We ask you to care and show your love for these children, along with their families, and help them understand their true potential.

We are excited to push this movement and help thousands of children worldwide. We hope you’ll join us as we promote further research, treatments and causes of cleft lip and palate.