September Newsletter

September Monthly Reflection

1 family helped with financial assistance in September
103 families helped with financial assistance to date
19 applications in various stages of process
$450,000 in financial assistance awarded to date
$2,022 donated in September

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Robertsons "Move" to Texas!

By Missy Robertson
     Jase and I have always tried our best to make any life decision based on the spiritual effect it would have on our family first, then we would figure out the rest.
     We are in a new season of life at the moment, a season that has allowed us to “expand” to Austin, TX. We haven’t left Louisiana since our home and businesses are there (not to mention all of Jase's duck blinds!). We will be in the car quite a bit traveling back and forth. Why are we doing this?
     Mia is back together with her closest cousins, Lily and Merritt, and is attending an incredible Christian school. Going from a “normal” lifestyle to being thrown into the international spotlight within a few weeks’ time would take its toll on the most grounded adult. Our children had more of a challenge. As a mom and aunt, I could not be more proud of how all of the Robertson kids have matured, grown and reflected the love, forgiveness and kindness of our Savior. The youngest ones of our clan have missed being together and relying on each other on the daily. Therefore, after much prayer and seeking spiritual advice, Jase and I made the spiritual decision to expand our lives for Mia to be close to the family that she needs in this next season. We decided to do whatever it takes to set our child up for spiritual success.
     We ask for prayers. We ask for support. And we are also very excited for new opportunities in which both we and Mia can be used to further His will! What a great opportunity for us to be the hands and feet to new people in a new place. Is this out of our comfort zone? Umm, yes. I’ve never lived outside of West Monroe, LA. What is God doing with us? We don’t know, but we are willing to let Him use us.

What's New With Mia

Mia turned 17 in September. She celebrated in her Austin backyard with her cousins and new friends. They had an outdoor party with a taco bar, Texas sunset, movie, lots
of fun photos and cake of course. 

Poker at the Plantation

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, The Mia Moo Fund Annual Gala and Family FunDay have been canceled for 2020. We usually raise over $100,000 each year to award financial assistance to families in need. If you can make a donation this year, please consider us so we can continue this important work.


Rylee is from Montana. She was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome just like her older sister, Paisley. She had her first surgery the end of June 2020. Her mom says she is so happy all of the time, loves to follow her big sister and gives the best snuggles! Please pay for Rylee and her family, more surgeries ahead for both girls. 
Abby from Waco, Texas was the first recipient of the Mia Moo Fund in 2014.
Abby is a strong, compassionate little warrior. Her determination keeps her striving everyday and she never backs down even in the toughest times.
She is now 6 years old and likes to keep her parents on their toes.
She sings and dances her way through life everyday.
She is fearless and independent!

"The MMF means more to me than anyone will understand. When I was at my lowest breaking point I turned for help and they supported me in every way. The love they have for these beautiful children shows beyond measure and they go above and beyond for all of the MMF families. I will forever be grateful to everyone who has made and continues to make the Mia Moo possible "
Rebecca (Abby's Mom)
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