October Newsletter

October Monthly Reflection

3 families helped with financial assistance in October
106 families helped with financial assistance to date.
15 applications in various stages of process.
$460,000 in financial assistance awarded to date.

$11,340.00 donated in October. WOW and THANK YOU!
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by Missy Robertson

COVID-19 has disrupted so much of our lives as you are well aware.  Because of this, we were unable to hold our annual fundraising gala and FUNDay for our Mia Moo families.  Even though each of our Mia Moo children, their siblings and parents have shown significant courage in the face of fear over and over throughout their cleft journeys, Jase, Mia and I felt it was too much risk to bring all of us together until this virus has been defeated.  Some of our children are high-risk due to other health issues and/or upcoming surgeries.  Even though we are all disappointed that we won’t be able to encourage each other this year in person, our first priority is to keep these cleft cuties healthy so as not to disrupt their surgery or procedure schedules! 
This also means we were unable to raise our usual funds at our gala night, an annual amount of approximately $125,000.00.  Please consider helping us reach our annual goal so that no cleft child here in America will be turned down for the best care possible.  Every child deserves a smile, and we at the Mia Moo Fund have been so honored to help ensure that parents don’t have to choose between standard (or even substandard) care and the best specialists to care for their child.  Their smiles are so worth it! 
Thank you for your generosity!


Mia had Homecoming Week at school this month. She got to dress-up each day, 70's chick, Hannah Montana, Dobby were a few. Mia has been trying to get to know girls at her new school. Once a week she hosts a dinner/study night at her house and it has been a great way to make new friends. 
A small way that everyone can help is to add Mia Moo Fund as your charity to your Amazon Smile account. You just need to add Worldwide Foundation in West Monroe, LA , Mia Moo Fund is a 501 (c) (3) under Worldwide. You need to shop on Smile Amazon and a donation will be made of .5% for each eligible purchase. You only have to add your charity once and it will be saved. 


Luke is from Louisiana and was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. His mom states "I feel like our babies are dealt a hard hand in life, but they have more resilience, heart, bravery, and courage than most."


Foster is from Georgia and was born with a cleft palate. He is full of life and energy! He is a boy on-the-go. His favorite things to do are playing outside with his dad, dancing to music, and riding on the golf cart with his "Pop Pop". His favorite food is mashed potatoes and his favorite word is "Mama". 


J'drian is from Texas and was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and he has had 8 surgeries and through it all he has maintained a beautiful smile. Hopefully, he will only need one more surgery before his smile is complete. Please pray for this next stage as he and family get ready for this surgery. 
Nicole is from Georgia. She was adopted from China at 4 years old by a loving family who knew that she would need treatments. She is now 11 yrs old and in 5th grade. She enjoys reading, Legos, word searches, spending time with family, swimming, and loves beating her dad at a game of pool. 
"The Mia Moo blessed our family by covering the cost of Nicole’s bone graft surgery and relieved us from the stress of the medical bills.  The past two years we have attended the Mia Moo Funday. The MMF Day focuses on the children and their families.  Nicole feels so special and loved through the entire weekend.  This excitement from the weekend carries over throughout the entire year. She talks about it over and over." Angie (Nicole's mom)
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