Mia’s Latest Surgery

Mia Robertson, the lovely daughter of Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson, underwent surgery today for her cleft lip. The loving parents kept their fans loyally updated throughout the world via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Fans showed their support by praising Mia’s courage and positive attitude while also showing their support for Jase and Missy.

Mia, Missy reported, maintained an incredibly positive attitude as she prepared for her appointment. Showing her undying faith, love, and gratefulness towards her religion, Missy tweeted “God’s got this” the night before the surgery while millions of fans prayed alongside her.

Just before she was “wheeled away”, a snapshot was taken of Mia, her family, and her friends. Minutes later, she was taken away to undergo yet another surgery. The family waited anxiously to hear how things went while keeping their fans updated.

Only an hour or so later, Mia was returned to her family safe and sound. In fact, she felt well enough to flash a big thumbs-up to the camera! On his personal Facebook page, Jase wrote, “I really appreciate the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers for Mia.” It’s incredible to see Mia so young, yet so strong as she faces things that others can’t even imagine. We pray for a quick recovery and a great new season of Duck Dynasty!