Meet Theodore

Theodore (Theo) was born in December 2023 with a unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. The youngest of four kids, Theo absolutely adores his big brother and sisters. When we first received Theo’s diagnosis, we were stunned. No parent wants their child to have to endure the numerous surgeries, procedures, and appointments that are required to address and correct an issue like a cleft lip and palate. However, after the initial shock wore off, we remembered an episode of Duck Dynasty we watch in which Mia Robertson was having a surgery done to correct this very issue. We remembered that a fund had been set up by Jase and Missy Robertson to help other families with children facing the same thing their daughter faced. Even before Theo was born, we knew Mia Moo Fund would be part of our journey. In addition to our family, friends, church, and Theo’s surgical care team, we are so thankful to Mia Moo Fund for their encouragement and support. You all have been a blessing to us on this journey, and we know you will continue to be. ~ Theo’s Dad