Meet Thalya

Hi everyone! My name is Thalya and I am 5 months old. I just cut my first tooth and am pushing up on my hands during tummy time! I also love: playing with my toy fox and moose, rolling over, playing guitar with my daddy, and swinging on the porch with my momma. Really anything with my family there is my favorite! 
My parents found out about my cleft lip at my 20 week scan. My mom is a speech pathologist, so she and daddy got right on trying to find the best team to take care of me once I was born and quickly added this to their prayers because they knew some of what would be ahead for me. Once I was born, they discovered I also have an alveolar notch and very likely a submucosal cleft palate. I just had my first cleft lip and nasal repair surgery almost 2 months ago and finally got free from my nasal stents! This has made me one happy little girl! We are waiting to see if I will need palate surgery later this year, but whatever comes our way (whether now or in the future), we are ready!
Mom and Dad found out about the Mia Moo Fund through supportive friends and family early in my diagnosis. They read the stories of other kids like me and were encouraged to apply for assistance with my first surgery. We were so excited to find out that the Mia Moo Fund has helped with my procedure and my parents and I are so very grateful and blessed! Despite the hardships, God has been so faithful! This road can be lonely and trying, and we truly count ourselves blessed by the Mia Moo Family.
-Miss Thalya (via Momma and Daddy)