Meet Liam

Liam is from Indiana. His mom wanted to share his story to help others. Here is their story...................................We tried to get pregnant for nearly 3 years, and eventually accepted that it wasn't our fate to have children. I went in for surgery on March 16, 2016 and found out I was pregnant! Surgery was cancelled and we started planning for our baby. We were already in the process of buying/building our first home, which kept getting pushed further and further behind. (It was supposed to be done before Liam was born). November 2, 2016, my husband was in a motorcycle accident (as I was driving right behind him and watched it all happen), shattering his wrist. They couldn't get him in for surgery until a (long, hard) week later, where they put a plate and 13 screws in to piece it back together. I had our son 2 weeks later on Nov 21. A month later on Dec 20, we closed on our home, and I had foot surgery the next day and was non-weight bearing for 7 weeks. Once I was cleared by my doctor, I went back to work full time, plus being on call usually 12-15 days a month. My husband became a stay at home dad for Liam. Liam had his first surgery at 4 months old on March 6, 2017, and his second at 10 months on Oct 11. He was supposed to have it on Sept 18, but developed thrush 3 days before surgery from the constant antibiotics from constant ear infections. We did all this with no family in the area, and one friend who was able to help a little bit when she could. I also pumped for 13 months so that Liam could have breast-milk his first year (and beyond)! I wanted to share all this, because it was an extremely hard couple years (my pregnancy was very tough, with pain and gestational diabetes as well). I've shared my story with many other cleft parents, and it doesn't necessarily make it any easier on them, but it gives them hope that even when life throws everything at you (and then some), we can survive it! Liam had very tough recoveries both times (even our surgeon mentioned how not typical his recoveries have been), but he is now back to being the sweetest, happiest, mischievous little boy. Thanks for letting me share!