Meet Jameson

At 35 weeks pregnant Jameson's mom went in for a routine ultrasound. The ultrasound tech flipped it to 4D for fun and as a former LD nurse she noticed what she thought was a cleft right away and immediately asked the tech if she saw one too. Initially, she said no. However, a few minutes later she stopped and said "actually I do think I see a cleft".  His diagnosis was confirmed an hour later by Perinatologist.  Immediately she became overcome with worry and the tears would not stop.  For the first 3 days after finding out all she did was cry.  To say she was emotional was an understatement. She was immediately afraid of so many things. Mostly, it was fear of the unknown. Because, if she had known how perfect everything would turn out and how things would be today...She wouldn't have been afraid at all. Jameson is beautiful and perfect and if she could go back...She would absolutely change nothing about him. We are created in the image of God and Jameson is no exception. Welcome to the Mia Moo Family Jameson!