Meet Gavin

Gavin was born in September of 2011. Along with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, Gavin had a heart condition that required heart surgery at just 11 days old. At 2 months of age, his lip was closed, and soft palate closure at 1 year of age. Gavin has had a few sets of ear tubes placed and a nasal revision 2 years ago. We are preparing for Gavin’s bone graft surgery in just a few days (prayers are appreciated). Gavin has never let anything slow him down in life. Gavin loves BIG, plays BIG, soaks up all the fun moments, and just enjoys the sweet things in life. Gavin enjoys playing with friends, soccer, baseball, and of course video games. Gavin really doesn’t acknowledge his cleft, because it really isn’t anything he seems to be concerned with. I pray that he always has that mindset and doesn’t let a cleft or anything interfere with his happy heart and love for all the things life has to offer.  We are beyond grateful to the MiaMoo foundation for the financial support in finishing his first phase of orthodontics, as well as for the emotional support and guidance as we navigate this journey.