Meet Ellie

When we found out about Ellie’s cleft lip and palate at her 20-week anatomy scan, we were terrified at the challenges we had ahead. Ellie is now 10 months old and has conquered nasoalveolar molding treatment as well as her first surgery (lip and nose repair). All of the anxieties and uncertainty that we had have all melted away now that we see the amazing little girl she is becoming. Ellie loves story time, long walks in her stroller, and playing with her friends at daycare. She has the biggest, brightest smile that will make everyone in the room melt. We are so blessed to have found the Mia Moo Fund as we can now worry less about the medical costs and focus more on enjoying Ellie through every stage of her cleft treatment. We truly feel that the cleft world is one big family and we are so excited to tell Ellie about all of the wonderful people who have been praying for her along the way. Thank you Mia Moo! ~ Ellie's Mom