Meet Ella

Ella was born in Jilin China in 2005 with cleft lip and palate. She was abandoned at birth and was abandoned at birth and was raise in an orphanage for her first 2 years. Ella was adopted by a family in Texas in 2007 and has 4 siblings. Ella has had 10 surgeries and has been a trooper through every one. Her first surgery was just one month after coming to the states. She is a gifted athlete and plays softball and basketball for her local high school as well as competitively. She is a hard worker and in the top 10% of her class and in the biomedical academy at her school planning to major in biomedical engineering in college. Ella plans to get into a field where she can help others and serve her community. She knows all of these gifts come from her Lord and Savior and aims to glorify Him in all things. Please continue to pray for Ella and her family as she will be having her bone graft surgery in 2022.