Meet Allie

Allie is a Christmas miracle. We had been praying for a child to call ours for a long time, so when we got a call the day after Christmas saying a little girl had been born and we were chosen to be her forever family, we were over the moon excited. We were also a little nervous when we heard that she had been born with cleft lip and palate. We did not know what all that meant for her or us, but we did know that God had chosen her to be our little girl. Along with the cleft lip and palate, Allie also had hearing loss in one ear and chronic ear infections made worse due to formula coming out of ear. As she got older, she spent time in speech therapy and had her palate reconstructed to try and get better closure of her palate. None of this slowed our girl down. She is so very smart and thrives in school. She loves to read, play basketball, craft, and lead kids worship at church. We are so thankful for the love and support that is shared through the Mia Moo Fund and I pray that Allie continues to grow and have the confidence to soar in all that God has planned for her. Allie's mom