March Newsletter

by Missy Robertson
A few weeks ago, when we scheduled Mia’s surgery date, we realized the impact that Covid-19 was going to have on the rituals she has grown to depend on surrounding each major surgery.  Usually, family members travel to Dallas to eat a special dinner with Mia the night before. Her girl cousins then pile into a hotel room to play cards and eat snacks together until midnight.  The next morning family and friends gather around her pre-op bed, play more cards, tell funny stories and pray over her before sending her down the corridor and watching her disappear behind heavy double doors.  It is hands-on support that she (and Jase and I) were not going to be able to experience to its fullest this time. Knowing this, we invited her family and friends to jump on a zoom call so she could at least see some of their faces.  When she was settled in pre-op, we dialed in, and wow! It was like she walked in on a surprise party! Siblings, aunts, cousins, mamaws, uncles, friends and even a pup and kitty were on the screen waiting to wish her luck and show her support.  Just knowing that she was being remembered made her feel special. Her Poppy even led us all in a prayer to the Great Physician asking Him to be with her and the doctors who would be performing the surgery.  It was a time of great comfort to us and a special moment we will always remember. 

Today marks two weeks post-op for Mia, and she is healing remarkably well.  She won’t be fully healed from this surgery for approximately 9-12 months.  Mia is 17 years old and is now asking questions about her cleft condition, i.e., where it came from, do all cleft kids have distraction surgeries, what are the causes, etc.  These are the same questions Jase and I asked when she was diagnosed with a cleft in my womb.  The difference is that we weren’t able to find many answers 17+ years ago. That’s one of the reasons why we founded the Mia Moo Fund.  We have tried to combine as much information as we could to answer questions regarding the condition of cleft lip and palate.  Even our own daughter has found it as a resource. When you support the Mia Moo Fund, you are directly impacting not just the physical condition of a cleft child but also their emotional condition and the emotional condition of their parents.  We also need the support in order to help our children navigate this journey.  Jase, Mia and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for your continued support.
Cleft families all over the USA are grateful to you all!
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"Hannah was born in 2013 with a unilateral cleft lip and palate in VA. She and wears orthodontic headgear to correct an underbite. Hannah will have her bone graft surgery later this summer, and she would appreciate all of your prayers. While she is scared of that surgery, we know she will be strong and we will give her everything we can to help her. She is a kind, loving, caring, and beautiful little girl who celebrates all of life’s presents and experiences. Hannah loves playing with her little brother who absolutely adores her. She’s the best big sister. Her parents are proud of her and the person she is, has been, and is becoming. Our family is grateful for the Mia Moo Foundation’s support, and Hannah is excited to have her picture with all of the other recipients. Her smile is radiant." Hannah's mom


"Allie is a Christmas miracle. We had been praying for a child to call ours for a long time, so when we got a call the day after Christmas saying a little girl had been born and we were chosen to be her forever family, we were over the moon excited. We were also a little nervous when we heard that she had been born with cleft lip and palate. We did not know what all that meant for her or us, but we did know that God had chosen her to be our little girl. Along with the cleft lip and palate, Allie also had hearing loss in one ear and chronic ear infections made worse due to formula coming out of ear. As she got older, she spent time in speech therapy and had her palate reconstructed to try and get better closure of her palate. None of this slowed our girl down. She is so very smart and thrives in school. She loves to read, play basketball, craft, and lead kids worship at church. We are so thankful for the love and support that is shared through the Mia Moo Fund and I pray that Allie continues to grow and have the confidence to soar in all that God has planned for her." Allie's mom


Gunner entered this world like a whirlwind on New Year's Eve in 2004.  He was three months ahead of schedule and weighed in at a whopping two pounds, eight ounces.  Born with a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome, Gunner had more problems than the ones associated with prematurity.  He also had numerous orthopedic challenges including a club foot, webbing and amputation of some of his fingers, and the amputation of his right leg below the knee.   With all the things Gunner has had to overcome, some of his most difficult struggles have been associated with his unilateral cleft lip.  Gunner has had many surgeries in his short life, but his bone graft back in 2016 was, by far, the worst one he's ever had to tough through. Not only was the procedure rough, but the 90 day liquid diet that followed was absolutely brutal. Gunner has come a long way since his start as a tiny preemie!  Now a sophomore in high school, he is taking all PreAP or AP classes.  In his spare time, he loves to read or watch The Office or anything Star Wars-related.  He’s also spending a little time behind the wheel.  When COVID restrictions are loosened, he looks forward to spending time as a Junior Volunteer at Scottish Rite Hospital as well.  Gunner's parents are incredibly proud of their warrior kid!  We all know his future is bright, and we can’t wait to see where his path will lead!

"Mia Moo Fund made this difficult time so much more bearable by providing our family with much needed financial assistance.  When Gunner needed us most, we were able to be solely focused on him and his recovery with no extra stresses or distractions from insurmountable medical bills.  For that, our family is eternally grateful.  In addition, Mia Moo gatherings have provided Gunner with the opportunity to meet, mingle, and relate to other kids who have also endured his struggles.  It has benefited Gunner (and us his parents) so much to share experiences and fellowship with other families who really get it.” Brooke (Gunner's mom)

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Thank you for your support!

March Monthly Reflection

2 families helped with financial assistance in March
113 families helped with financial assistance to date.
19 applications in various stages of process.
$479,000.00 in financial assistance awarded to date.

$36,500 donated in March!! THANK YOU! 
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