January Newsletter


Mia saw her surgeon Dr. David Genecov and his staff and scheduled a major surgery. Dr. David Genecov, nurses Kelly and Jeanette, have been caring for her most of her life. What a blessing to see these familiar faces and hear their sweet greetings and genuine interest in her activities and interests each time we have to make these visits. It has been a comfort to this mom, especially when I know that each visit means more changes, more discomfort, more risk for my child. However, I also take comfort in knowing God has led us to the perfect team for the best possible chance for my child's success. This time is no different. Now for the difficult part: this surgery is called a distraction. Dr. Genecov will break both upper and lower jaws on each side in order for them to meet in the middle. Since Mia's upper jaw stopped growing some years ago, this surgery is in hopes that her teeth and jaws will function normally in terms of chewing and speaking. She will also look very different once she is healed. Dr. David Genecov is leading the way in regards to new procedures that do not involve a halo. This is EVERYTHING to the cleft world! It means far less time in the ICU and far less trauma to these children (and their parents!). This is the 13th surgery/procedure in her short life, and we are confident and blessed to have found such a wonderful team of surgeons and staff to take care of her for the last 17 years! We pray every cleft child can be as blessed. 


Paislee was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate in June 2011. She is from West Virgina. She was discovered to have a cleft during an ultrasound while in-vitro. She has had lip, palate repair and bone graft surgery. 

Kasen is 16 years old from Louisiana. He is a freshman in High School and loves playing video games and making new friends. He never meets a stranger!

"The Mia Moo Fund has been SUCH a blessing to our family. Not only financially but spiritually and emotionally as well. The Robertsons have literally been there from day one walking us through this journey and I don't know how we would have made it without them and the Mia Moo Fund."
Super soft Bella Canvas tee in Heather Deep Gray, short-sleeve with white lettering and a black smile and Mia Moo logo on back. We have restocked again. 100% proceeds go directly to help cleft families in need. 
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January Monthly Reflection

1 family helped with financial assistance in January
110 families helped with financial assistance to date.
16 applications in various stages of process.
$470,000.00 in financial assistance awarded to date.

$21,000 donated in January!! THANK YOU!
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