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Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson

Foundation Patron 

Jason Robertson, the second to oldest son of Phil and Marsha “Kay” Robertson, has proven himself time and time again a family man first and a business man second. He learned to appreciate bonding time with his father, the Duck Commander himself, through hunting trips, expeditions, and more. He is married to his wife of 23 years, Missy Robertson, and enjoys spending his time with his three children Reed, Cole and Mia.

Jase took up hunting at a young age in order to bond with his father. Along with his brothers, Jase did everything possible to take time off for a hunting expedition, even if it meant missing a few days of school. This dedication later would become the inspiration behind his many breaking inventions and duck calls, such as the ‘triple threat’, a famous duck call that uses three reeds rather than the traditional two reeds. His innovativeness and out of the box thinking has helped his company, Duck Commander, of which he serves as COO, transform into a multi-million dollar company. As COO, Jase is in charge of the manufacture of the Duck Call's out all, fine tuning them and creating new ones.

Jase enjoys laughing and making others laugh. He is often portrayed as the jokester in his families hit television show, Duck Dynasty. From mischief making to speaking “duckinese”, Jase has always brought a smile to everyone’s face while keeping relationships strong.

Jase is well known for his devotion to his faith in God, family,  and his company. Jase met Missy at a young age, and has since been a strong advocate for treating women with the utmost of respect. Jase Robertson has shown to be an incredible example of his devotion to his faith, family, relationships, business & integrity. His attitude towards his children, family and others has branded him as being one of America’s most respected figures. Jase loves his family, and enjoys taking time to be with them. While he has achieved many things, he keeps his family at the top of his list to assure his priorities remain straight. He finds the greatest joy in his wife, Missy, and three children.